Pass sales data



  • imageID (Required) - The ID of the sold image (numeric value)
  • saleDate (Required) - The date of the sale. Format yyyy-mm-dd.
  • amount (Required) - Sale amount in USD.
  • test (Optional) - 1 or 0 to enable or disable test mode.

Example query

  • GET /images/sale.xml?imageID=385&saleDate=2011-09-05&amount=20&test=1&AccessKeyId=GAHYUETUYAPHAHXAE&Signature=Is3o3CUH2KS9rGI2%2BXPSccsBs%3D&Expires=1318607533
  • Host:

Example response

	<Message>sale successfully added</Message>

Error codes

  1. ValueError Error validating input parameters
  2. AuthenticationError Invalid AccessKeyID or invalid SecretAccessKey or Expired out of date
  3. NoSuchPage Invalid page number