Buying Celebrity Pictures

  • What usages does your licensing agreement allow?

    We have created a special summary page for you called "How can I use the files?", which gives a nice overview of how photos downloaded from our site can be used.  Click here to visit the page -->

    In short, Images licensed from ImageCollect can be used for editorial use like magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, PowerPoint presentations, iPhone / iPad apps, and personal prints.

    The list is not endless and we encourage you to review of our Download Agreement page for additional details on approved end usage for our images. 

    Please note that all use of our images in print are subject to a circulation restriction of 250k copies.  If you are a magazine or newspaper with a circulation of over 250k you must with purchase an Extended License or contact us to discuss licensing.

    If you have any uncertainly regarding the use of content located on the site, please contact us.

  • I forgot to cancel my subscription. Can I have a refund?

    We are very sorry but renewals are NOT REFUNDABLE.  Forgetting to cancel is not a valid excuse and no refunds will be granted if you forget to cancel before the renewal date. 


    If you signed up for a subscription via credit card directly from the site (i.e NOT using PayPal), you can view and cancel your subscriptions from your purchase history here:



    If you purchased your subscription via PayPal, you can view and cancel it through your PayPal console. Simply follow these instructions: 

    1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Click the My Account tab.
    3. Click the History subtab.
    4. Click More filters, select Subscriptions and agreements, and then click Subscriptions.
    5. Change the date back to the year the subscription was created, and then click Show.
    6. Click Details next to the subscription.
    7. Click Cancel Subscription.


  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you have a subscription that you no longer want or need, you may cancel your subscription at any time prior to it's monthly renewal. 


    WARNING: Once you cancel your subscription, you will NOT be able to download any photos after the point of cancellation!


    Here's how to cancel... 




    You can view and cancel your active subscriptions from within your purchase history here:



    Simply click the "DEACTIVATE" button to the right of any active subscription to cancel it.  




    There are 2 ways to cancel a subscription purchased via PayPal:


    1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Click the My Account tab.
    3. Click the History subtab.
    4. Click More filters, select Subscriptions and agreements, and then click Subscriptions.
    5. Change the date back to the year the subscription was created, and then click Show.
    6. Click Details next to the subscription.
    7. Click Cancel Subscription.


    1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Click the My Account tab.
    3. Click on View All of My Transactions.
    4. Click Find a Transaction.
    5. Search for our PayPal email (paypal[at] in Email between the dates that you believe your subscription has been created.
    6. Find the original transaction where the subscription was created.  The Type would be specified by "Subscription Creation To".
    7. Click Details next to the subscription.
    8. Click Cancel Subscription.


    In addition to the 2 PayPal subscription cancellation methods listed above, you can try and cancel by following this special shortcut link we have created for you --> 



    Should you have any problems related to cancelling a subscription purchased via PayPal, please contact PayPal first because they actually manage your subscription for us.  If PayPal cannot resolve the matter, then please contact us and we will do our best to resolve it for you.


  • I just paid for an image. How do I get it? Where is it?

    Please go to My Account (top right) and then to Downloads (left sidebar) and download the images now or anytime again in the future.

  • My file downloaded ok, but it won’t open. What should I do?

    If the file downloaded completely but your software program doesn't open it, simply try again using another software program and resave. If you still experience problems contact us.

  • I’m getting an error message when I try to download.

    If your download is interrupted for any reason, or you lose the file on your hard drive, (or any other such disaster!) don't worry.  You can re-download your purchased files by visiting your “My Account” page.  Please contact us if you are still experiencing download problems and we’ll assist you asap.

  • Can I share my downloads with my friends?

    NO.  The files on our site are copyright protected intellectual property. Customers that download files from us cannot copy or distribute them outside the scope of their own individual projects into which the files are incorporated.

  • Will my monthly downloads rollover?

    No.  Monthly downloads do not roll over, be sure to try and use all of your allotted downloads before the end of the month. 

  • Is it safe to pay by credit card online on this site?

    We use a rock solid, 256-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your transactions.   Your transactions are 100% secure and encrypted by our merchant gateway providers (BrainTree and PayPal).   In fact, we do not actually ever see or have direct access to your credit card information during the transaction process.  Your transactions are perfectly safe with ImageCollect.

  • Can I submit files as well as buy files?

    YES.  All user accounts are automatically able to act as both buyer and seller accounts. There's no need to create a second account if your a buyer and wish to sell your own images or if you're a seller and wish to license images from other users.  

  • In what file format are your images delivered?

    All downloads are deliverd as JPEG files in their orginal, high quality format.  Should you have any issues with the quality of a file you download, please contact us.  

  • What browser should I use?

    We recommend the most recent versions of Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer for PC users and Chrome / Firefox for Mac users.  If you are using Internet Explorer, please be 100% sure that you are using a version higher than 8.0 as anything less is not supported by our site.  Your web browsing experience will be greatly enhanced if you upgrade to the latest versions of all web browsers.  

  • How do I buy a celebrity photo?

    Our system works on a per download basis. Simply use our direct credit card form or your paypal account to make purchases.


    $49 / one time fee - 1 anytime download, non recurring

    $119 / mo - 25 downloads per month (most popular), recurring

    $249 / mo - 100 downloads per month, recurring

    $299 / mo - 250 downloads per month, recurring

    $499 / mo - 500 downloads per month, recurring


    You can go to our purchase page and pick a plan here.  We also have custom packages available for corporate/large volume buyers, just contact us and let us know what you are looking for.


    Once you have made your purchase, search and navigate the site and select the image or images you would like to download, and download away!  The system will ask you once more to confirm the download before it begins (Please keep in mind all downloads are final). Once you download an image, it will become available for re-download, should you ever need it, in your account console here


    IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Once you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to download and new photos after the point of cancellation.  Your unused download balance will go to zero so be sure you have downloaded everything you need before you cancel.


  • What if I don’t want to purchase using PayPal?

    You can use Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX to purchase one of our Pay As You Go Packages.  For monthly subscriptions, we only accept PayPal; however, wou can actually use a regular credit card with PayPal.  If you proceed to the buy credits process, you will be directed to the PayPal login page.  When you arrive at the PayPal page, please look at the bottom left of the screen and next to "Don't have a PayPal account?", please click the "Continue" link and proceed to make a purchase with a credit card directly.  There is an input area for credit card processing without a need to login or be registered for PayPal.

  • Can I use the watermarked 'preview' images on your site for my project for free?

    NO. The license is granted only to customers who pay for a license. All the other versions are for preview purposes only.

  • In general, who would you say uses ImageCollect as a resource?

    Our current customers include gossip blogs, iPhone / iPad developers, social networks, video bloggers, YouTube celebrities, TV production companies, major newspapers and magazines, TV shows, web design firms, publicists, PR agencies, publicly traded companies, individual sole propreitors and fans, among many others.

  • What usages does your standard licensing agreement NOT allow?

    Our full Content License Agreement can be found here.  In short, our standard content can be used in any editorial (i.e. non-commercial) manner except for in print publications with circulations over 250,000 and on the cover of such print publications.  Here are some more details regarding prohibited uses.  You may NOT...


    1.     use the Content for commercial purposes (i.e. to directly promote a product or service of any kind);


    2.     use the Content in advertisements and promotional projects, including print advertising, billboards, product packaging, films, commercials, catalogs, brochures, promotional greeting cards and promotional postcards (i.e. not for resale or license);


    3.     use the Content in design template applications intended for resale, whether on-line or not, including, without limitation, website templates, Flash templates, business card templates, electronic greeting card templates, and brochure design templates;


    4.     use or display the Content on websites or other venues designed to induce or involving the sale, license or other distribution of “on demand” products, including postcards, mugs, t-shirts, posters and other items (this includes custom designed websites, as well as sites such as;


    5.     use the Content in any posters (printed on paper, canvas or any other media) or other items for resale, license or other distribution for profit;


    6.     use any of the Content as part of a trade-mark, design-mark, trade-name, business name, service mark, or logo;


    7.     incorporate the Content in any product that results in a re-distribution or re-use of the Content (such as electronic greeting card web sites, web templates and the like) or is otherwise made available in a manner such that a person can extract or access or reproduce the Content as an electronic file;


    8.     use the Content in a fashion that is considered by ImageCollect (acting reasonably) as or under applicable law is considered pornographic, obscene, immoral, infringing, defamatory or libelous in nature, or that would be reasonably likely to bring any person or property reflected in the Content into disrepute;


    9.     use or display any Content that features a person in a manner (a) that would lead a reasonable person to think that such person uses or personally endorses any business, product, service, cause, association or other endeavor; or (b) except where accompanied by a statement that indicates that the Content is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the Content is a model, that depicts such person in a potentially sensitive subject matter, including, but not limited to mental and physical health issues, social issues, sexual or implied sexual activity or preferences, substance abuse, crime, physical or mental abuse or ailments, or any other subject matter that would be reasonably likely to be offensive or unflattering to any person reflected in the Content, unless the Content itself clearly and undisputedly reflects the model or person in such potentially sensitive subject matter in which case the Content may be used or displayed in a manner that portrays the model or person in the same context and to the same degree depicted in the Content itself;


    10.  to the extent that source code is contained within the Content, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any part of such source code;


    11.  remove any notice of copyright, trade-mark or other proprietary right from any place where it is on or embedded in the Content;


    12.  sub-license, re-sell, rent, lend, assign, gift or otherwise transfer or distribute the Content or the rights granted under this Agreement;


    13.  install and use the Content in more than one location at a time or post a copy of the Content on a network server or web server for use by other users;


    14.  use or display the Content in an electronic format that enables it to be downloaded or distributed via mobile devices or shared in any peer-to-peer or similar file sharing arrangement;


    15.  use the Content for editorial purposes without including the following credit adjacent to the Content: “©’s Member Name]; or


    16.  either individually or in combination with others, reproduce the Content, or an element of the Content, in excess of 250,000 times without obtaining an Extended License, in which event you shall be required to pay an additional royalty fee.


    17.  use the Content on the cover of a newspaper, magazine, or book without obtaining an Extended License, in which event you shall be required to pay an additional royalty fee. 


    If you need an extended license for a particular images, please contact us

  • What are your prices?

    We have a one time purchase options as well as monthy, recurring subscriptions as follows:


    One time purchase options

    $49 - 1 anytime download

    $119 - 5 anytime downloads

    $199 - 15 anytime downloads

    $299 - 25 anytime downloads


    Monthly, recurring subscriptions:

    $119 / month - 25 downloads per month (most popular), recurring

    $249 / month - 100 downloads per month, recurring

    $299 / month - 250 downloads per month, recurring

    $499 / month - 500 downloads per month, recurring

    Subscriptions recur monthly until cancelled.  You may cancel a subcription anytime prior to the monthly renewal by logging into the site and visiting the PURCHASES page under MY ACCOUNT or by emailing or calling customer suppport
    WARNING:  Once you cancel your subscription, you will NOT be able to download any more photos after the point of cancellation.  Please he sure you have downloaded all the photos you need before you cancel.
    We also have an API, as well as custom packages and licensing agreements available for large volume/corporate buyers, just drop us a line from our contact page and let us know what you need. 


  • How does the subscription work?

    Each month you receive XX number of downloads as part of your subscription. Unused downloads do NOT roll over to the next month. However, when your subscription renews, you receive another XX downloads for the month. You can cancel the subscription at any time.  


    WARNING: Once you cancel your subscription, you will NOT be able to download any photos after the point of cancellation!

  • Where can I get an invoice for my purchase?

    You can review and print or save an invoice for your purchases from your purchases section. Click the "show" button next to any purchase to see the invoice for it.


    If you need to have your company information appear on the receipt (including address and VAT number) please navigate to your profile page here, and enter any necessary information and click the save button. 


    After you save the updated information, it will then appear on your invoices in your purchases section


    If you need any assistance, drop us a line