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Drew Brees photos


Drew Brees photos

Drew Brees is one of the most recognizable quarterbacks in the National Football League. He is only 2 years removed from his first Super Bowl win in which he was named the MVP. Quarterbacking the New Orleans Saints, he has not only brought back a football team from ruins, but also the city of New Orleans as well. The magical seasons that Brees has put together have resurrected football in New Orleans and given the city something to cheer for together. This coupled with his amazing work in the community has brought life to a city that was crushed by hurricane Katrina. Many Drew Brees photos show him and other teammates working to help build playgrounds and plant trees that had been destroyed by the hurricane.

If you look at more Drew Brees pictures, you will see that he is not a very large man, like many NFL quarterbacks. One of the shortest quarterbacks in the league, Brees’s talent was often questioned by scouts and agents. When looking at Drew Brees pics you might notice that he is wearing a San Diego Chargers uniform. They originally drafted him, but he decided to play somewhere else when the Chargers didn’t offer him enough money.

Drew Brees is a dedicated family man, and you can see this in photos of him. Just after the Saints Super Bowl win his young son and wife can be seen on the field with him. You can also see Brees and his teammates in a parade in New Orleans after they had won the Super Bowl. As one of the nice guys of the NFL, Drew Brees is cheered for by many fans that do not support the New Orleans Saints. He is sure to have many more moments on the field, and photographers have many more chances to take Drew Brees photos after another Super Bowl Victory.