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Drew Barrymore photos


Drew Barrymore photos

When a child is born of two actresses, chances are always pretty good that the child will become an actor. However even though Drew Barrymore was born of two actors, the fact that she was only eleven months old when she was hired for her first acting job is definitely something to be surprised about! The world first learned who Barrymore was when she was six years old when she landed the part of Gertie in the wildly popular movie, E.T. Suddenly the entire world knew the name Drew Barrymore. If you search for Drew Barrymore photos you will easily find some of the actress when she was very young. There are many photos of her going to premieres and, of course, photos of her acting in E.T.

Look for Drew Barrymore photos now, however, and you’ll find something entirely different. The young lady who acted in E.T. has grown up to become a stunning beauty. Barrymore went through a difficult phase in her life, as many child actors and actresses do, and wound up receiving treatment for her problems. The treatments, however, helped her to become the amazing woman she is today.

One thing you’ll find when you look for current Drew Barrymore photos are some photos of the actress smoking something out of an apple. Most say that these Drew Barrymore photos show the actress smoking something illegal, but it has never been confirmed what she was smoking. It has been confirmed, however, that in any photo you’ll find of the actress you’ll find a woman who is seriously attractive. Not only is she an amazing and accomplished actress, she’s also been a spokes model for many different companies, which is why you can find so many different Drew Barrymore photos that show the actress posing prettily.