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Christina Hendricks photos


Christina Hendricks photos

There are some television shows that become mainstream and that everyone knows about, even if the shows aren’t that good. There are, however, other television shows that never quite achieve the amount of attention that they deserve, but that are always nominated for awards because the shows truly are amazing. The show Mad Men is one of those shows that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. The thing that most people notice about Mad Men, however, once they watch it isn’t the witty dialogue or the amazing characters, but is rather the amazing Christina Hendricks. Christina Hendricks has been a guest on many television shows, including the cult favorite Firefly, but once she landed the role of Joan Holloway on Mad Men she truly became someone that everyone, especially men, wanted to know.

While Christina Hendricks is an amazing actress, it’s not her acting skills that make people search for Christina Hendricks photos. The reason why they look for Christina Hendricks photos is because of how sinfully gorgeous the actress truly is. Firstly there is her hair and face, which most women remark upon. There are very few popular red-haired women in Hollywood, and Hendricks is one of them. But while she has a gorgeous face, most people look for Christina Hendricks photos because of her body.

Unlike many actresses in Hollywood, Christina Hendricks does not have a reed thin body, but instead has a lot of curves, and if you ask most men they’ll say that the curves are in all the right places. With Christina Hendricks photos you can generally see all of the curves the actress has, simply because she loves showing off her body in fairly tight dresses that she wears on the red carpet. You’ll also find plenty of studio shots of the actress showing everyone what she’s made of.