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Chelsea Handler photos


Chelsea Handler photos

When you think of comedians, the last word you think of is sexy. That is because comedians are there to make us laugh so hard that we feel like crying, not to be a sex object. But the hilarious Chelsea Handler, however, is one comedienne who is not only absolutely hilarious, but who is also extremely sexy as well! Handler actually grew up in New Jersey to a very religious family, which is where she got a lot of her early comedy fodder from. She moved to Los Angeles when she was 19 and decided to become a comedienne when she told a story about how she got a DUI to others who were in the same mandatory driving class as she was.

The idea to become a comedienne is something that was a genius move for Handler, as now you’ll find lots of Chelsea Handler photos online. The comedienne was quickly discovered and picked up for her own late night comedy show on the E! channel in 2007. She has released number of books over the past few years, and the speed in which she has become a household name is shocking to most, as many comedians have to spend most of their life to achieve the celebrity status that Handler has achieved.

Look for Chelsea Handler photos and you’ll find a wide array of different types of photos, from ones that show the comedienne as sexy to ones that show her as silly and everything in between. Most of the Chelsea Handler photos that you’ll find are studio shots are shots of the actress on her show or on the red carpet, but there are some photos that you can find that show the actress as relaxed and candid, although those are more difficult to find.