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Britney Spears photos


Britney Spears photos

No one ever could have guessed that on December 2, 1981 the young girl that was born and named Britney Jean Spears would become the huge superstar that she has become. Britney Spears grew up in Louisiana, and when other young girls were going into second grade, eight year old Britney was moving to New York City in order to join the Professional Performing Arts School.  A few years later she joined the Mickey Mouse Club, and soon after that she became a household name.

When you do a search for Britney Spears photos, the first thing that you’ll find are a lot of paparazzi photos. This is because she is one of the most famous singers of our time, and has been called the Princess of Pop for a long number of years. Because of this she is a celebrity that the paparazzi love to follow. Things escalated for Britney in 2007 when she had what some call a mental breakdown and wound up staying in a mental hospital for a time. There are even Britney Spears photos that show the singer looking and acting very strangely during that time.

Now, however, Britney Spears seems to be behaving as she did when she became a pop sensation. She has toured the world a number of times and has released a large number of number one songs. Search for newer Britney Spears photos and you’ll generally find photos that show the singer looking fabulous, and many that show her preparing for, or working at, one of her many concerts. One thing is and likely always will be true, however, and that is that Britney Spears photos have the ability to make even grown men drool, as the singer has the face, and body, that millions adore.