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Ashley Greene photos


Ashley Greene photos

Ashley Greene is best known for her role in the popular movies based on the Twilight series of books, as Alice Cullen, a member of the vampire family featured in the books and the movies. Ashley Greene was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1987.

When Ashley Greene was 17, she moved to Hollywood. She had graduated early from high school and was ready to make her way in the world of entertainment. She originally wanted to be a model, but was not tall enough to make it on the runway. Before she was cast to be in the Twilight series of movies, Ashley played smaller parts in TV shows and in a couple of movies. Pictures of Ashley Greene may show her on some of the sets she has worked on, and even with some of her co-stars.

Ashley Greene photos also show some of her life off-camera, with family and friends sometimes in the pictures with her. One fact about being a popular actress is that she is followed by reporters known as “paparazzi,” and sometimes she may be caught off-guard and made the interest of one of the popular gossip rags. Pictures of Ashley Greene may reveal some of the gossip, but they may also be able to put a spin on her that wouldn’t be noticed without seeing them.

Her personal life has been something of interest to the public ever since she became one of the new age of vampires in the Twilight movies. Some Ashley Greene photos show her with recent love interest Joe Jonas, and with friends Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz, as well as other people who are in the most recent films with her. Pictures of Ashley Greene can be easily found, and may offer you a look at who she is, both on screen and off.