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Aretha Franklin photos


Aretha Franklin photos

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1942, Aretha Franklin has made her mark on the world through her music and her achievements in life. Her parents, Barbara and Reverend C.L. Frankilin, divorced after they had moved the family to Michigan and Aretha was then raised by her grandmother.

Aretha began showing signs of having musical talent while she was a child. She was able to play piano by ear, and she sang in her father's church. She had quite the life, having two children without being married in the 1950s when that was unheard of to do. She has been married a few times, and there may even be pictures of Aretha Franklin with her former husbands, her children, and her parents, available on the Internet. You can also find many Aretha Franklin photos in which she is seen with other famous people, such as the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Natalie Cole, and other people of interest.

Aretha Franklin pictures may not tell the entire story of her life, but by looking at them you can get glimpses of it. She is seen in her prime, looking sleek and sexy, in some of them, but she can also be seen when she was not at her best, overweight and sad looking. Aretha Franklin pictures may be found of her when she was receiving some of the numerous awards she has earned over the years, such as the 18 Grammy Awards she has won in her amazing career as the Queen of Soul.

Besides winning awards and being among the top female performers of all time, Aretha Franklin pictures show the joy she displays when she is singing. As a matter of fact, Aretha Franklin has a lot to be happy about; she is one of the most successful women musicians ever, and has made her mark as the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pictures of Aretha Franklin can be found to mark each milestone in her career.