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Anna Paquin photos


Anna Paquin photos

Anna Paquin was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 1982. Pictures of Anna Paquin may not tell her entire story, but they will give a glimpse into the success she has had onscreen. Her career began early, at the age of 11, with an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie, The Piano. She was the second youngest winner of this award in all the years it has been given.

As a young actress, Anna Paquin also starred in Fly Away Home, Jane Eyre, A Walk on the Moon, and She's All That. Anna Paquin photos through the years show the different stages she has gone through while growing up and playing many different roles. As an adult actress, she has made her mark on the movie industry by playing many different personalities, including a role in the X-Men movies as the mutant Rogue. You may be able to find pictures of Anna Paquin on the set for some of her movies and even in costume, as well as off the set and with no preparation for photos to be taken.

Anna Paquin photos may also show some of her success as an actress in theater. She has even won an award for her performance in “The Glory of Living” at MCC Theater; it was the Theatre World Award. Her theatrical roles include one in the play This is Our Youth, which was performed onstage in London in 2002.  Pictures of Anna Paquin may also include shots of her with her actor husband, Stephen Moyer, who she co-starred with in True Blood, which began filming in 2007. Anna Paquin photos may be something anyone interested in a successful actress may want to look into. Her fame began at a young age, proving that child stars can grow up on the set and be successful in the business as adults.