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Anna Nicole Smith photos


Anna Nicole Smith photos

As controversial and confused as Anna Nicole Smith seemed to be, she was still a beautiful woman. From her earlier years modeling, to her later years with weight gain and an early death, Anna Nicole Smith pictures show it all: the sweet, the sexy, the bizarre, and the shame she went through with emotional and mental difficulties.

Pictures of Anna Nicole Smith show parts of her life she may have wished to keep private. As a controversial person, outspoken with many of her less than desirable habits and her way of life, she drew the media in ways other people in the public arena may never have done. Anna Nicole Smith photos show her at her best, looking nice and put together, some photos extremely sexy; to her worst, vomiting, looking ill, and very overweight.

At one time, Anna Nicole Smith was a beautiful Playboy model, and was even the Playmate of the Year. She was also a model for companies such as Guess, H&M, and Lane Bryant. In the early 1990s, Anna Nicole Smith said that she planned on being the next Marilyn Monroe. Pictures of Anna Nicole Smith include her photos done for Playboy and the companies she modeled for, as well as her appearances on many magazine covers, and tabloid articles about her and her controversial way of life.

One of the main controversial subjects Anna Nicole Smith was a part of was the age difference between her and the man she ended up marrying in 1994, oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. The pictures of Anna Nicole Smith and Marshall were usually included as a part of the media gossip which ended up in gossip rags and other magazines which prey on the lives of those in show business. Anna Nicole Smith photos will give her fans and those who are curious about her life a good picture of who she was, what she represented, and what her life was like.