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Ana Beatriz Barros photos


Ana Beatriz Barros photos

For Brazillian born Ana Beatriz Barros, the modeling career many girls dream of began very early on. She was only 14 when she was discovered by Elite, one of the top modeling agencies, and won a contest for “Look of the Year,” which was put on by the Brazilian branch of Elite. She then went on to the part of the competition which is worldwide and includes every country that has an Elite branch, and came in second.

It is no small wonder that Ana Beatriz Barros has done so well as one of the world's top models; she is gorgeous. You can see her beauty shining through in any Ana Beatriz Barros photos, including those which have been taken by the paparazzi and she was not all made up for. If you want to see some Ana Beatriz Barros pictures that are professional, they are not that difficult to find. She has been involved with many companies, including Victoria's Secret, Guess?, Sisley's, and even Sports Illustrated.

Ana Beatriz Barros has appeared in some of the Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit editions and has been called one of the “100 Sexiest Women in the World,” by FHM magazine. Ana Beatriz Barros photos are very popular among men, especially the very sexy poses and the swimsuit pictures. Although she is Brazilian by birth, Ana Beatriz Barros now lives in NY where she is enjoying her very successful modeling career. When it comes to seeing success, you can see why it has come her way. Ana Beatriz Barros is a true beauty and has been in very high demand. Pictures of Ana Beatriz Barros prove her to be deserving of all the attention she gets, and why she has been called one of the sexiest women in the world.