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Alicia Keys photos


Alicia Keys photos

Talent too much to measure, beauty beyond the norm, and one of the most sought-after musical entertainers alive today, it sometimes seems that Alicia Keys has it all. Now she is married to rap singer Swizz Beatz and has recently given birth to a new baby, their first together.

When it comes to making headlines and attracting the media, Alicia Keys is it. She is beautiful, talented, and given to raising money for charity. Even while pregnant, Alicia Keys photos came out beautiful. Any pregnant pictures of Alicia Keys you can find will show her glowing, happy, and looking like every woman wants to look while expecting. Her beauty shines through no matter what!

Alicia Keys got her start in music in 2001 with her album “Songs in A Minor,” which has sold more than 10 million copies since then. She has won Grammy Awards, MTV Awards, World Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards. She has also won two awards from Nickelodeon Teen Choice, a BET award, and many others. Musically, she has paved the way for more success in her own future, and is rated right up there with Lady Gaga and other popular musicians. Pictures of Alicia Keys show that not only is she talented with her voice, but she is also one of the most beautiful musicians around.

Alicia Keys has also made some waves in the acting industry, with appearances in Smokin' Aces, The Nanny Diaries, and other films. The paparazzi love to try and catch her off guard, but they may have a difficult time finding her looking anything but ravishing, even when she isn’t trying to be. She is almost always picture perfect, dressed up or not. Alicia Keys photos are the proof. You can find pictures of Alicia Keys with her husband, her family, her friends, and ready to put on a good concert. She is one picture to behold.