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Alice Braga photos


Alice Braga photos

Brazilian actress Alice Braga is someone who it is said to have what it takes to make it in both the modeling industry and acting profession. She was born in Brazil in 1983 and has made appearances in many movies filmed in Brazil, including City of Gold and Lower City. More recently, she has starred in the American made movies I Am Legend, Repo Man, and Predators.

As photographers have found, there is more to getting a good shot than simply finding a pretty face. When it comes to Alice Braga, there is a good combination of talent, beauty, and a very photogenic look. She began acting at a young age, only 8 years old, in a yogurt commercial. There are many Alice Braga photos available from then on, thanks to the endless success she has had and the persistence of the media.

Searching the Internet is one great way to find a great variety of interesting pictures of Alice Braga. You will see many which were poses for the camera, on purpose, but you will also see some Alice Braga photos which were not planned on, some with messy hair, some with a significant other, and some just doing ordinary daily tasks. No matter what Alice Braga photos you come across, you will always find her looking gorgeous. Even with messy hair, she is one true beauty who can always take a great picture.

More than simply beautiful and talented on the screen, Alice Braga is also very intelligent. She speaks three languages fluently, which is something no Alice Braga picture can show. She speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese, which is a great combination for making movies in more than one country. Her family history of acting includes having an aunt, as well as her mother, in the acting industry. This may not be why she is so successful, but it certainly didn't hurt her as an actress.