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Tina Fey photos


Tina Fey photos

You wouldn’t think of a writer and comedienne as being sexy, but if you’ve ever looked at Tina Fey photos you’ll find that it’s absolutely possible for a comedienne to be smart, funny, and extremely sexy. Tina Fey was born in Pennsylvania and grew up watching funny shows like Saturday Night Life. She enrolled in the University of Virginia and studied acting as well as playwriting, graduating with a BA in drama. She moved to Chicago and learned about an improvisational comedy troupe that she eventually joined. It was when she was with this troupe, Second City, that she was discovered and hired as a writer.

One of the interesting things, and something you’ll find if you look for young Tina Fey photos, is that the young Tina Fey was larger than she is now. She was, as she says, a “normal weight”, but that was not thin enough for living in New York. She started dieting to lose weight and, 30 pounds later, was put on camera by Lorne Michaels himself. It was then that she began using her acting skills and suddenly she was much more popular and well-known.

Now Fey has her own television show and still works for SNL on occasion. If you look at Tina Fey photos you’ll find that while the actress and comedienne can look sultry and sexy and someone that you’d want to have as a pinup on your wall, she can also be extremely silly. As a comedienne Fey knows how to work it in front of the camera, no matter what sketch she’s playing or how she wants to look. But those who are looking for sexy Tina Fey photos will not be disappointed either, as there are more than plenty to go around!