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Emily Blunt photos


Emily Blunt photos

One of Hollywood’s most promising actresses isn’t even from America. English actress Emily Blunt is making a name for herself in Hollywood, and has already starred in some major films such as The Wolfman and The Adjustment Bureau, alongside Hollywood star Matt Damon. If you search for Emily Blunt photos, you will find that not only has she starred in many movies, but she has also appeared on the cover of many magazines including GQ, Elle on numerous occasions, and a particularly interesting picture on the cover of Esquire in which she appears clothed in nothing but Great Britain’s flag. With such a great start to her career there doesn’t seem to be anything that she can accomplish.

Further browsing of Emily Blunt pictures will reveal that she is married to another promising Hollywood actor, John Krasinski, who plays the role of Jim on the popular TV show The Office. Emily Blunt pics will show the couple on the red carpet together.
The red carpet seems to be a natural setting for Blunt, as she always appears in a stylish dress and the perfect pose for the cameras.  Her hair is always different and perfect, and coupled with her simple smile she is a true beauty to behold on the red carpet.

While she appears on the red carpet in amazing dresses, if you dig into Emily Blunt photos you will find her in more varied clothing, including more racy photos of her in skimpier clothes showing off for the camera. With such a promising career, Emily Blount pictures are sure to keep coming out in masses. With the quality of photos that Emily Blunt has produced so far, and the fact that she will continue to be in high profile Hollywood movies are great reasons to search for those amazing photos.