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Carmen Electra photos


Carmen Electra photos

Carmen Electra has been an American sex symbol for over a decade, managing to keep herself relevant for longer than most Hollywood stars. From her time on the hit 90’s show Baywatch, as a sexy lifeguard, to appearances in spoof movies such as Scary Movie, you are sure to recognize a Carmen Electra picture.  A quick search for Carmen Electra pics will show you the vast amount of work she has done. Not only has she graced the cover of Playboy several times, she has also starred in her own TV show, and appears in many award shows and on countless red carpets.

If you want to go farther back and search for other Carmen Electra photos then you might find her in pictures with her former husbands, Denis Rodman and Dave Navarro. You can be sure that any picture with Dennis Rodman will be colorful and worth looking for. Her volatile relationship with rocker Dave Navarro also makes for some interesting pictures that are sure to be fun to see.

Carmen Electra has been a major part of pop culture for a long time, and a search for Carmen Electra pictures will show you all of the various things that she has done. If you are looking for something a bit spicier than normal, her appearances at Spike TVs award shows are sure to fit the bill. Carmen Electra has no problems showing off her body, even at the age of 38. You can even see screenshots of Carmen Electra in her workout videos in which she combines pole dancing and cardio to help people get in shape. With such amazing diversity, and a lifetime spent in front of the camera, Carmen Electra is a pop icon that will keep you searching for photos of her any time you are online.